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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bad News: Yikes, Our Depressed Stock Market Fell Even Lower!

Bad News: Yikes, Our Depressed Stock Market Fell Even Lower! 

Bad news, right? This “bad news” is actually SWEET MUSIC to the ears of long-term investors like myself and my TrulyRichClub Members. 

Why sweet? Because a depressed Stock Market is similar to a mall-wide “midnight sale” where all the fantastic Stocks are selling at insane cheap prices. If you’re still thinking of getting into the Stock Market, now is the time to jump in. 

But before I tell you why I believe this is the best time to invest, let me reintroduce myself to some people who may not know me…  

My Maid Has P541,271 

I’m the crazy guy who taught my maids to invest in the Stock Market. (I was the one who wrote the bestselling book, My Maid Invests In the Stock Market And Why You Should Too.) Today, one of my maids has P333,289 in her Stock Market investments. My other maid—the one who I promoted as my bookkeeper two years ago—has now P541,271.  

NOTE: Before the Stock Market crashed a few months ago, she already had P600T+. So she should be very sad, right? Nope, she’s not. She’s fully indoctrinated with our long-term investment strategy at the TrulyRichClub. She knows this “paper loss” is very temporary.  

They Will Retire Multimillionaires 

This morning, I just told her, “If you keep this up, you’ll reach your first million in 4 years.” Boy, I’m waiting for that day. So I can tell everyone with pride, “My maid is a millionaire!” Confession: I’ve brainwashed my maids. I’ve also brainwashed my 100+ employees working in my businesses and ministries—because almost all of them are invested in the Stock Market. Janitors. Clerks. Messengers. Managers. They will all retire multimillionaires. Very cool. 

I’ve taught them to think the way I think. Even when the Stock Market is crashing around them, and it seems that the value of their investments are going down, they’re happy. 

Let me explain…  

Why You Should Be Happy When There’s a Crisis 

The US and Europe’s economies are picking up. So foreign funds sold their shares here in the Philippines and transferred their money back to the US and Europe. 

So the Philippine Stock Market went down. Note: There’s nothing wrong with our country’s giant corporations. They’re earning well and will earn even more this year and next year. 

But because of what’s happening in the US and Europe, our Stock Market is being pulled down. 

But this downward and sideways movement in the Philippine Stock Market will not last. Soon, it’ll rise up again. So while it’s cheap, long-term investors are buying Stocks every month. To my maids, this is good news. And to my thousands of TrulyRichClub Members, this is good news. 

Why? Because for the next few months, we’ll all be buying great companies at cheap, discounted prices. By the way, I don’t try to guess where the “bottom” is. Because I teach people to buy monthly small amounts of shares, it doesn’t matter. We just keep buying at discounted prices.  

This Is The Best Time To Start Investing! 

Don’t wait. There’s never been a better time to start investing than during a depressed market like this. I can hear your doubts. “But Bo, I don’t know anything about the Stock Market.” That’s okay. I can help you. 

Join my TrulyRichClub, and I’ll give you a step-by-step procedure on how to invest in the Stock Market. I’ll teach you how to open an online brokers account. And I’ll also send you my Stocks Update, telling you what Stocks I buy and sell.

Get guidance. Join my TrulyRichClub. 

To join, log on at now!

May your dreams come true, 

Bo Sanchez 

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