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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PROBE to PROVE (CANDLES Application)

PROBE to PROVE (CANDLES Application)
By Dean Pax Lapid

Candles Application
I just want to share some article I've read from TrulyRichCLub. Hope it help to inspire you.
During “All Saints’ Day,” I had a long conversation with Sis. Manang (I had my senior moments remembering her real name — LOL) who is the current supplier of religious items sold inside our parish church. Aside from delivering religious items, she also makes her ’branded’ candles (her hobby) for the longest time that she can remember. It was our Irish parish priest then who allowed Sis.Manang’s branded candles to be sold during the ‘Undas’ weekend.

She has seen me on TV involved with GoNegosyo teaching business techniques to start or grow a business venture. Upfront, she asked if I could spare some moments with her regarding her business. “Dean Pax, I’m happy with the religious supplies to the parish but how else can I grow this candle hobby?” I just asked Sis. Manang if she had other products beyond the simple 4-inch long white and brown variety that you place near the ‘puntod’ or crypt. She blurted “Of course. I also have the white and brown flat ones that goes inside the fixed candle holders in front of the adoration chapel for vigils!”

I smiled at her with respect knowing that there was nothing special about her branded candles but I also knew that she wanted to have additional business beyond the brisk ‘Undas’ holidays and the small volume vigil candles. I told her that “If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always gotten.” This statement literally spooked her! However, this principle is quite true for any endeavour!

Sis. Manang could only think of candles being used in church. I shared with her about the probing process using my six honest probing men (Remember: who what why how where and when in the last newsletter) to give her a better understanding of what really compels the customer to buy any product at any particular occasion. She liked the poem and inspired her to do a probing exercise towards making her candle hobby a hit.


I ‘walked her thru’ the ACTUAL worksheet that I used to develop and to bring the candle idea into reality. This was the second time I have used it.
I know for a fact that the very first worksheet helped my Entrep student in selling his candles with the export line of his parents. Kumita na ito.

1st Step = Where can candles be used?

Answer: At home, during vacations, at theme restaurants, worship places, concerts and outdoors.

2nd Step (probe further within same location) = Where in the home do you use candles? Or Where in the outdoors do you use candles?

Answer: At home to be more specific- in the dining room, in the sala, in the bedroom, in the garden, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Outdoor specifics – campsite, picnic area, fiesta (procession), fireworks event

3rd Step (probe further with persons involved) = With whom do you use candles in the home (dining area) or with whom do you use candle outdoors while having a picnic?

Answer: While dining with family, friends (barkada), business associates, steady date, Couples household/ Caring group. While having picnic with family, rotary members or charity events with Knights of Columbus.

4th Step (probe further under a specific occasion) = When do you use candles (specific occasion or event) not always a particular calendar month?

Answer: Dining with family for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays like Christmas or Easter, graduations or even reconciliation (Sorry Na honey- I love you still) Dining with friends/date for a 1st dinner to impress, or a subsequent dinner (to propose), Valentine’s day (to cherish the romantic anniversary of your hearts)

By now, Sis Manang smiled and got the hint that a candle is not only used for lighting but more importantly to satisfy or express a certain emotion/ambience.

Remember: a product /service can be differentiated not only by its basic features but also by the emotions it can convey. I always share that people will always buy two things – solution to their problem or need + a good/happy feeling.

Candles can do a lot of things other than just ordinary light/ illumination

Holidays (Pang-saya) – festive atmosphere (Christmas candles with striped red/white with a scent of mint). I especially like the ones with a tinge of green.

Date (Pang-Lambing) – a romantic ambience (Love candles that are floating with scent of rose)

Family Gathering (Pang-bonding) – a relaxed environment (Bonding candles coloured brown/orange with scents of cinnamon)

Outdoor picnic (Pang-bugaw) - shoo away insects (Camping candles that are large and windproof with scents of citronella)

I hope that I have given you a practical way of expanding your ideas into reality. Now it’s your turn to ACT.

God gave us the gift of talent to EARN; God has also given us the gift to ENJOY them. May God bless you always.

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