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Friday, October 12, 2012

Unlocking BDO Internet Banking Password

Unlocking BDO Internet Banking Password

BDO reset forgot password
I do often forget my BDO Internet Banking password because BDO requires password change from time to time(90 days), not allowing previously used passwords to be used again. Now, I have to share regarding the online password reset system (“Forgot Password” link) of BDO Internet Banking: If you are 100% sure that all your entered information is correct during password reset, try adding two zeros (00) before your 10-digit account number, so something like 001234567891.

If the online password reset of BDO always failed when I tried to use it so most of the time calling them had always been my option.

It’s the option I prefer less because I don't like talking and waiting for sometime. After my most recent call for password reset I took the time to check all details recorded in my BDO Internet Banking account, and found out that my 10-digit account number in their database is preceded by two zeroes.

I was having a hard time recalling my BDO (Banco de Oro) Internet Banking account password and made a mistake twice and my account got locked out. If I remember correctly it had to be three times before the BDO online account gets locked out.

I have had this problem before and I got in touch with BDO support. Following is the response that I received from them. I’m gonna have to refer to this again to get my BDO Internet Banking account unlocked.

User will automatically be locked out by the BDO Internet Banking system after the prescribed number of erroneous tries attempted by the user.

To reset your password online, please follow the directions below:

1: Go to myBDO Internet Banking (

2: On the Login page, Click Forgot Password

3: Fill up the online validation* and provide the answer to the challenge question.

4: You will be asked to nominate new password upon passing online validation.

*You will either be asked for your TIN or Mother’s Maiden Name whichever is available on the record. If you did not provide a TIN, please leave the TIN field blank and you will be asked to enter your Mother’s Maiden Name.

In case of unsuccessful online password change, another option is to request for password reset through BDO Customer Contact Center. You may call at: 

Metro Manila : 631 8000

Domestic Toll Free Nos: 1 800 10 631 8000 (PLDT) and 1 3 631 8000 (Digitel) 

International Toll Free Nos.: International Access Code + 800 8 631 8000 

Press options: 1 for Philippines customers 9 for Password and Telephone PIN (TPIN) Reset 

*Our International Toll Free number is only accessible in selected countries/telecommunications provider. 

To view the complete list of our International Toll Free Numbers, go to

- click the ” Frequently Asked Questions ” link found on the upper left corner of the page 

- Go and click VII. How do get in touch with BDO? What is International Access Code (IAC)?

The list of IAC will then be displayed. For areas where the International Toll Free number for BDO Phone Banking is not accessible, you may dial +632 631 8000. For calling this number, please note that regular airtime rates will apply. This service is available 24×7 and even on holidays.

I tried resetting my password using BDO’s Forgot Password System on their website, but without success. The system won’t accept the info I entered, stating that some were incorrect.

So I decided to just call BDO Contact Center hotline. I followed the voice prompt – pressed 1 as a Philippines resident, and then pressed 9 for my Internet Banking / Telephone Pin Reset concern.

The conversation between me and the agent was brief. First thing they asked my name and then the bank account number enrolled in the BDO Internet Banking account whose password I want reset. Then they asked me to wait for a few minutes so she could look up the information in my account.

They asked me certain information so they could verify that I am the owner of the BDO Internet Banking account, and they ask are: My mother’s maiden name, my birthday, my home address, and my email address. Sometimes they ask last transaction you've made.(I hope I didn’t miss typing any).

After the verification, the BDO agent informed me that I am going to receive an email within 24 hours containing the temporary password that I should use to login and change my password. This temporary password expires after 72 hours.

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