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Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Success Myths That Block Success

5 Success Myths That Block Success

Article from TrulyRichClub..

Success Strategy idea
I realized that the biggest blocks to success aren’t physical but mental. What prevents many people from succeeding are their wrong ideas in their minds about success. I listed below the 5 Myths to Success.

Check if you have any of them—and start sweeping them out of your mind right now. They’re demons that need to be exorcised.

Myth 1: I’m Not Successful Because I Haven’t Unlocked the Profound Mystery Yet…

Last Saturday, after my seminar, a young man talked to me. He said, “Brother Bo, I’m 19 years old. I want to be successful like you. Can you tell me how?” I admired his question and I told him what I could tell him in the 30 seconds we could talk.

But then it dawned on me—Do people think that success is so mysterious, it’s a well-kept secret by the ultra successful? Perhaps some people think that success is like an esoteric code handed down by aliens in Atlantis City some 3000 years ago, only to be discovered if Indiana Jones finds that code—written in papyrus hidden in a golden urn guarded by cobras and poison darts.

But it’s not. Success is a simple pattern, just like math. One plus one equals two. Always. You become successful if you do certain very obvious and simple activities over and over again. Like having an alignment with your passion, potential, and position. Plus getting a mentor. And having an I-will-never give-up attitude. And follow through. And…. Oh, you get my point.

These past few years, I’ve been privileged to meet and talk to wildly successful individuals. I have coffee with them, eat lunches with them, take vacations with them, and do business with them. If there’s anything super about them, it’s the fact that there’s nothing super about them. They’re not supernatural beings.

They’re not gifted with mutant powers. They’re not angels. They make the same mistakes we all make. They failed in school. They failed in business. They failed in their relationships. And hanging out with them makes you realize, “My gosh, if they can do it, I can do it too!”

Myth 2: I’m Not Successful Because I’m Just Not Lucky

Yes, there’s luck involved. Except I call it a bit differently. I call it blessing. But I’ve realized that there’s a direct link between labor and luck. They’re directly proportional to each other: The more labor you give, the more luck you receive! This reechoes what Seneca, a 1st century Roman philosopher, said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

I’ve noticed this as a common theme among successful people—that their success was a happy diversion from what they originally wanted to do. But because they were working hard for that original project, they saw this second project—and that’s what becomes gigantic. Ray Kroc didn’t start McDonalds. And he never thought he was going to be in the burger business. He was actually selling a milkshake mixer to restaurants, and that was how he met the McDonald brothers. But in their bustling restaurant, he saw a massive opportunity to multiply that restaurant all over the country.

My friend WealthCircle Mentor Ronnie started a new business. He’s now selling CFL light bulbs by the millions. But how did he get into this? It wasn’t his original idea. He started selling electric meters to electric utility companies. But one day, while standing on the balcony of his condo, holding a wine glass, gazing upon the Bo’s Wealth TIPS magnificent lights of the city—he had a light bulb moment (figurately and literally).

He realized that he could only supply one electric meter per house, but he could supply many light bulbs per house! Kaching kaching. All of a sudden, he saw money. And today, the river of money flows into his business. Ray Kroc and Ronnie saw the opportunity because they were prepared to see it.

I always hear many people tell me, “Bo, how can you be so lucky?” They enumerate my achievements—the books I wrote, the organizations I created, the stuff I did… But people don’t see all the YEARS of preparation that brought me to where I am now. I love saying this: You’re surrounded by an ocean of blessings. There is no shortage of blessings. There’s only a shortage of readiness to receive those blessings.

Myth 3: I’m Not Successful Because I’m Waiting for My Big Break…

Success is not an event. Success is a journey—a very long journey via a circuitous path through hills and valleys. Mostly valleys! I looked at my life and reflected on my success ratio. I found it very interesting that for every 10 product ideas I launched, I fail (disastrously) seven times, mildly succeed in two, and succeed phenomenally in one.

But those three wins are enough to pay for my seven failures—and much, much more. I repeat: Success is a journey. Many people think that success happens when you write a book, or when you build a company, or when you get an award, or when you earn a million. Nope.

For example, while you’re writing your first book, you should already be thinking of your second book—or seminar, or workshop, or conference, or coaching program, or membership club. And while you’re preparing to launch your first product, you should already be tinkering with your second, third, and fourth product. 

Don’t depend on the one big break to make you successful. You need to plan a never-ending series of big breaks. 

Myth 4: I’m Not Successful Because I Don’t Know Anybody…

Heard this before? “I don’t know anybody…” “I don’t know anybody” is an all-around, all-season, multi-purpose excuse you can use anywhere. From not getting a job, to not getting a sale, to not getting a promotion, to not getting a business launched, to not getting a seat in a restaurant.

The excuse is a half-truth. I agree that knowing someone is important, especially decision makers, teachers, regulators, etc. But if you don’t know anyone, what should you do? Get to know someone.

For example, people keep telling me, “Bo, I don’t have a business mentor. How do you get one?” So I ask, “Do you attend our business seminars? Our Entrepreneur Workshops with Dean Pax? Do you attend your annual industry conferences?”

Investment success
Ninety percent of the time, people will say, “No.” When I ask why, they answer, “Because I can’t afford them…” Ah, there lies the giant, monstrous, hideous mistake. You can’t afford NOT to attend these seminars and workshops and events. People think that all they get from these events is wisdom. Wrong. That’s only half the benefit. In these events, you get to know a lot of people.

You get to know your mentors personally. You get to know other participants who are in the same journey. If you keep attending these events on a regular basis, you’ll enlarge your network and know a lot of somebodies. Go out. Love people!

Myth 5: I’m Not Successful Because I Don’t Have Enough Money to Expand Fast Enough 

I hear this from new entrepreneurs a lot. They say, “Bo, I wish I had huge capital for my business… That way, I can really expand like crazy…”

No, you don’t want to expand like crazy. Just do it steadily, one store at a time, one distribution channel at a time. If your money runs out, don’t borrow at high prices just to expand again. You’ll die young. Learn along the way. Take it easy. Skip and dance. Whistle your way to work. Hum a tune and enjoy the journey.

All my business mentors are very deliberate about growth. And they are never in a hurry. One of our WealthCircle mentors, Junie, builds roads and bridges in the provinces. Last January, he told us he wanted to build his own asphalt plant.

It’s September now and he hasn’t bought a single machine for the plant. That means for nine solid months, he’s been researching, flying to China, Japan, and Singapore, looking for the best machines for his plant. That’s the mature businessman. He takes his time. He’s extra careful. Meticulously, he’s looking at every angle. He’s thorough. Once he makes his decision, he’ll plunk down millions.

Yes, there are mature businessmen and there are immature businessmen. The other day, I heard about a businessman who sold his business for 10 million pesos. When he got the 10 million, he started investing in other businesses—usually run by his friends—and in five years—all his money has flown away. He said, “It would have been the same if I just got all that money and threw it in a garbage can—and burned it in a big bonfire.”

I repeat: He was already an entrepreneur. But he still made dumb decisions. Why? Clearly, he wasn’t a mature businessman. He was impulsive. He didn’t have mentors. At that point, he needed a wise mentor who could have guided him in handling his 10 million.

If you don’t have money now, that may be the best thing for your business right now. You’ll be hungrier. And it will make you grow organically. Let me warn you: The very worst thing that can happen to people who don’t know how to make money is to have lots of money at their disposal. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

If you don’t know how to make money—and your father, or stepmom, or best friend, or long-distant auntie who died without a descendent, gives you lots of money—get ready to LOSE IT. You’ll be making wrong decisions.

Be wise! 

Get Rid of These Myths 

There are many more myths, but I found these five myths to be the most insidious. Get rid of them, and success will be nearer than you think.

Here are the 5 Success Truths I shared with you today: 

*Truth 1: Success is about following a simple pattern, not a mystery; 
*Truth 2: Success is about preparation, not luck; 
*Truth 3: Success is a journey, not an event; 
*Truth 4: Success is about deliberately building a network and loving people, not resigning oneself to not knowing anyone; 
*Truth 5: Success is enjoying the journey and growing organically, never growing in a hurry.

May your dreams come true, 

Bo Sanchez 

PS. By the way, the TrulyRichClub isn’t just about Stock Market investing. That’s only one part. In the TrulyRichClub, aside from teaching people how to grow in their financial life, I also teach people how to grow in their spiritual life. 

For what’s the use of growing in your finances if you lose your soul? 

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