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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Success Toolbox

Success Toolbox

Success Toolbox
Are you familiar with the importance of a toolbox? But did you realize that everyone who wishes to succeed must also have a toolbox? The tools for success are the characteristics or habits we must cultivate, develop, and maintain. Here are some of them:

1. Self-discipline (better thought of as self-leadership). Get into the daily habit of deliberately doing things that you don’t feel like doing. This will develop your self-discipline ‘muscle.’

2. Energy. Because it requires hard work to become successful, it is important to maintain high levels of energy. To do so, lead a healthy life style, get sufficient sleep, and avoid stress with exercise, meditation, and recreation.

3. Focus. Working on your goals is a full-time job. Remain focused on the target and consider this quote by Dr. Michael Ryce:

“Most of us have bought into sin as something terrible and awful. It is something we have been taught to feel guilty and bad about. Sin was originally meant to be positive feedback. The English translation of the Aramaic word, khata, is 'sin.' It is an archery term. When you fired at a target and missed the bull's eye, the scorekeeper yelled, 'Sin!' It meant, 'You are off the mark,' which, in practical terms, means improper for your energy system or less than your highest and best. It does not mean you are evil, damned or should be groveling in the dirt.

The simple implication is to adjust your aim, it's time to take another shot, time to do something differently in your life! … Evil is 'bisha' in Aramaic and is another archery term. Sin is missing the bull's eye, and evil means 'off target,' missing the target altogether.”

4. People skills. We cannot succeed without the help of others, so it is essential that we learn how to get along with others.
Here is a short course in human relations.

The six most important words:
I admit that I was wrong.

The five most important words:
You did a great job.

The four most important words:
What do you think?

The three most important words:
Could you please. . .

The two most important words:
Thank you.

The most important word:

The least important word:

5. Faith in ourselves. “We don't need more strength or more ability or greater opportunity. What we need is to use what we have.” (Basil S. Walsh) You already have the inner resources to do what is necessary to succeed, so learn to rely on yourself.

6. Motivation. “The next time you feel unmotivated, ask yourself, ‘Who’s in charge of how I feel?’ ‘Who’s in charge of my brain?’ The answer of course, is you. You're in charge of your own motivation. The ability to achieve a highly motivated state is a matter of grabbing the wheel and driving your own brain for a change.

By studying these mental states and attitudes, consciously practicing them in your life every day, literally ‘installing’ them into your brain, you’ll become so charged up with motivation and fierce resolve that it would take an army to stop you from getting what you want.” (Tom Venuto)

7. A positive attitude. Always focus on what you have, not on what you lack; look for something to be grateful for, not something to complain about; fill your mind with positive expectations, not worries and fears. Enjoy what you do and share your enthusiasm with the world.

8. Building momentum. Take at least one new step toward your goal each day, no matter how small. Accumulated small steps will add up to a big step and build momentum.

9. Courage. The entrepreneurial spirit is all about taking risks. To develop the necessary courage, get into the habit of stepping out of your comfort zone as often as possible.

10. Follow through. Don’t just plan and take first steps, but follow through to completion.

11. Thoroughness. Develop your character as completely as possible. Remember, among other traits, you will also need decisiveness, determination, persistence, patience, accountability, organizational skills, and time management skills.

Enemies of Success

1. Procrastination. In order to get what you want, you have to learn to do what you don't feel like doing. Develop self-discipline.

2. Too much planning and studying and not enough doing and following through.

3. Living beyond your means. To become successful, you have to avoid overspending.

4. Nothing puts a damper on success like a negative attitude. Be sure to remain positive.

5. The inability to get along with others is a guarantee for failure. Spread cheer, not gloom.

6. Searching for people or circumstances to blame instead of assuming responsibility is another way to fail.

7. Knowing we have bad habits, but doing nothing about it condemns us to mediocrity.

Yes, success is hard work, but so is failure. One leads to rewards, the other to pain, regret, and suffering. Which would you rather have? Which do you choose to have? When will you begin?


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