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Friday, February 10, 2012

Why You Need to be Lazy to Succeed in Life

Why You Need to be Lazy to Succeed in Life

Just want  to share wealth strategies from truly rich club.

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Think about it. Animals can work hard. But only humans can think hard. (I told this to my son and he said, “Daddy, I disagree. My pet turtle thinks hard too. In fact, that’s all he does all day. He just sits there and thinks.”) If you want to succeed in life, you need to focus on the thinking rather than on just working. Look at the most successful business people in the world.

Bill Gates. Warren
Buffet. Oprah Winfrey. Richard Branson.
What made these folks successful?
Hard work? Or hard thinking?
Muscle or Mind?

I’m having my small house remodelled now. It’s a 10-year-old house that needed a lot of repairs. Doors needed to be realigned. Floor tiles needed to be replaced. Walls needed to be repainted. Nine muscular guys come in every day to work at my house. They do the most incredible work. Fantastic, really. Believe me, I can’t do what they do. But while they hammer about in my home, I’m upstairs in my little air-conditioned office, typing away in my laptop.

Compared to them, I’m lazy. While the construction workers labored daily last week at my house, I was gallivanting in a beach in Cebu for a four-day vacation with my leaders. Swimming. Eating. Having fun. Next month, I’ll go off to Israel for a 10-day pilgrimage. The month after that, I fly to Batanes island for a vacation with some of my mentors.

Yes, I take one vacation a month. Why? I’ve learned to be lazy. The guys working in my house earn well. But I earn much more. There are days in my calendar when I earn in one day what these guys earn in a year. Here’s my big question: If I’m lazy, why do I earn so much more than they do? Because in this world, thinking gets paid more than working.

Let me tell you why: Working with your hands is very limited. You can only work at one thing at a time. But thinking is limitless. You can multiply your impact endlessly. And not all thinking is created equal. You need to focus on the thinking that matters. Spend Time on What Matters There are two ways to succeed: The difficult way and the easy way.

The difficult way is to (1) study hard and long, (2) work hard for 60 hours a week, and (3) climb your way up the corporate ladder through maneuvering and politics. Bestselling author and entrepreneur Richard Koch describes it this way: “It’s trying to do extraordinary things at extraordinary cost to get extraordinary results.”

What’s the easy way? Find the easiest path to the results that you want. Koch says, “Concentrate on what produces extraordinary results without extraordinary effort.” And what would that be?

Your magic 20 percent. Find Your Magic 20 Percent and Focus There Here’s a fact: Twenty percent of your effort produces 80 percent of your results. And 80 percent of your effort produces only 20 percent of your results. So be lazy and try not to do everything. Forget the 80 percent that produces only 20 percent of results. Focus on that magic 20 percent—and double your efforts there. And relax. So that you’ll have energy to do that magic 20 percent.

Force yourself to do less. Focus on that magic 20 percent and be the very best in that activity. Work at it. Study it. Get training. Get mentors. Pursue Fun; Funds Will Follow Here’s what you’ll realize: You’ll love your magic 20 percent. When work is fun, it’ll be more fun than any other kind of fun. My magic 20 percent is communication. Creating something with words and sharing it to the world.

For example, writing for me is the ultimate game. Watching an empty computer screen slowly fill up with well-chosen words, sentences, and paragraphs— that gives me an exhilarating high. The perfect vacation for me is spending time with my family and friends. But when everyone is asleep or resting, I’m in the balcony overlooking the beach, writing my thoughts…

I see two kinds of rich people around me. Those who pursued money.  And there are those who pursued fun. I noticed that those who pursued money became rich. But those who pursued fun became even richer. Because they pursued their magic 20 percent.

The Benefit of Being Lazy People ask me, “Bo, you don’t seem to run out of big ideas. You’re always producing new products, organizations, ministries. Where do they all come from?” They all come from thinking. (That word again.) Because I focus on my magic 20 percent, I have extra time to read, to imagine, to daydream, to think… 

And there lies the birthplace for new ideas new ways to serve people, new ways to improve my businesses, and new ways to earn money. If you don’t have time to think, to read, to study, to daydream, where will your next big idea come from?

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

P.S. Obviously, I use the word “lazy” to shock you. Honestly, I work really hard. Because I love my work so much, it doesn’t seem like work. I pray you experience this too each day of your life.

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