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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drink Now Or Drink Forever?

Drink Now Or Drink Forever? 

As a member of Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club. I would like to share some Soul Food that I was received from these club. And it was very interesting to learn on how to invest in the stock market. Read below..

One day, a man got lost walking in the desert. The next day, he was still lost. After two days under the scorching sun, he was very thirsty. All of a sudden, he saw a little wooden shed. He ran to it, thinking of only one thing—Water!

When he arrived there, he saw an old, rusty water pump sticking from the ground. He gripped the handle and began pumping like a mad man. But nothing came out. Disappointed, he stepped back how to make it work. Looking around, he saw a jug covered with dust. When he grabbed it, he saw a piece of paper stuck on it. The message read, “Open this jug and you’ll find water. Don’t drink it. Pour it instead on the pump. And you’ll have all the water you want.” 

He popped the cork. True enough, the jug was filled with water. Lovely, thirst-quenching, water. Now imagine you’re that thirsty man. For two whole days, you haven’t drunk water. Your mouth is so dry, your tongue is sticking to the roof of your mouth. You’re literally dying of thirst. And you’re now holding a jug full of water. But the message says that you should throw it away! 

For a moment, your heart is torn. What if the message was a joke? A cruel prank? What if you poured the water on that rusty pump and nothing happened? But the man in our story chose to take the risk. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and poured the water. He held the handle and pumped like crazy. A few seconds later, torrents of water gushed out. Indeed, he had more water than he could ever need! 

He drank to his heart’s content. He also found water containers to bring with him on his journey and filled them up to the brim. But before leaving the place, he filled the jug with water. And underneath the sign attached to it, he scribbled, “I tried it. Believe me, it works.” 

You Have A Choice: Money Now Or Money Forever 

This is a great picture of why people are poor. The money that you hold now, no matter how small, is like that jug of water. And you always have a choice: You can drink now or you can drink forever. You can have money now or have money forever. How? By investing. A lot of people don’t invest. They spend whatever they have. I’ve met people who earn P10T a month or 50T a month or P500T a month—and they spend everything. (Yes, I’ve met a lot of high-income poor people!) That’s why their money pump remains dry. And they’ll remain poor forever. It really doesn’t matter how much people earn. What matters is how much they invest. 

Investment is a crazy decision. It’s as crazy as pouring that last jug of water into the pump. Friend, you have money now. 

It may be small but you have it. And you’re standing in front of a money pump. 

Start Investing Now And Retire Wealthy 

Friend, you have a choice. Will you simply consume your money? Or will you pour it into the money pump—so that it produces more money for you? To learn more, visit my TrulyRichClub at

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Log on at now. 

May your dreams come true, 
Bo Sanchez 

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