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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now Is A Buying Opportunity…

Now Is A Buying Opportunity… 

Truly Rich Club
As a member of TrulyRichClub by Bo Sanchez.I would like to share to you Soulfood which I received from them.

Last week, someone asked me, “Bo, is it the right time to invest in the stock market? I’m scared. There’s so much crisis happening in the world!” 

I understand why people are scared. 
First, Europe’s economy is still bad. 
Second, America’s economy is still in crisis mode.

People are scared. 
So, should you wait for things to settle down before you get into the Stock Market?
A Lesson Worth Billions 
I have a financial mentor who’s a Billionaire. 
He taught me a lesson that I’ll never forget. 
My mentor said, “Bo, my wealth today was built in crisis. Not in good times. Not when everything was smooth and happy. I built my wealth when everyone was afraid.” 

He told me his war stories. (I love his war stories!) 
When Ninoy Aquino was shot in 1983 in the tarmac, chaos ruled the day. Demonstrations burst into the streets. The country was going to the dogs. Wealthy Filipinos fled to other countries. Our stock market crashed. But what was my mentor doing? As everyone was selling, he was buying shares in the Stock Market. 

Every month, things got worse, and the stock market dove even lower, and everyone was ten times scared. But my mentor was still buying! 

But in 1986, when Cory Aquino was proclaimed President in 1986, lovely hope returned to the Philippines. And the stock market rose like a rocket to the sky. Everyone started buying. 
What was my mentor doing? He was doing the exact opposite: Selling and making a huge profit. 

In Cory’s Presidency, there were six coup d’etat. Six rebellions! And everytime there was a rebellion, people sold their stocks. In every dip, my mentor dove in and bought shares. 

The worst coup d’etat was in 1989 led by RAM’s Gringo Honasan. The Stock Market collapsed again as foreigners and locals sold like crazy. And my mentor was so happy. So many cheap companies to buy! And that’s what he did. 

That rebellion was squashed, and people went back to the stock market. As it went up, my mentor was selling again. 

My mentor said, “You can be sure that whenever there was a crisis, I was there buying. I bought only giant companies that were earning a lot of money. Nothing was wrong with them. The only reason why their prices were going down is because everyone was scared.” 

Don’t Let Fear Stop You 
There’s a crisis in the world today. 
It’s a wonderful time to invest. 

For the past few months, I’ve been recommending 5 big companies to my TrulyRichClub members. So far, those companies are like rocks. They’ve not been moving. 

Which is good! 
I’m happy they’re not moving. Yet. 
That gives me and my TrulyRichClub members time to keep buying them at this low price. 

I encourage you to do the same. 

If you want me to help you gain financial freedom and build a Retirement Fund via the Stock Market, join me at the TrulyRichClub. Every other week, I send out a Stocks Update Report to all my members. This report will guide you on what stocks to buy and sell, when to buy, and when to sell.

But This Technical Stuff Won’t Work 
Without The Non-Technical Stuff 
At the TrulyRichClub, we’re not just about money. 
Helping members to invest in the Stock Market is just one of the “bricks” of my entire financial system. 
So what if you gain all that money? 

If you don’t have financial literacy, you’ll collect your profits and splurge it all. And you’ll be back in square one—Zero. 

But that’s what we give you at the TrulyRichClub: Financial and Spiritual Wisdom. 
You’ll gain financial discipline. 
You gain an abundance mindset. 
You’ll gain a generous spirit. 
You’ll gain an entrepreneurial attitude to life. 
At the TrulyRichClub, you’ll grow in your spiritual life as you grow in your financial life. (Because all real growth is really spiritual growth.

For more information, click the link below: 

May your dreams come true, 
Bo Sanchez 

PS. I don’t want you to remain trapped financially because of your fear and ignorance. Join me. The earlier you get in, the better. You can still catch up. Build your retirement fund. Build a solid financial future. Click the link below: 

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Need Guidance in Phil Stock Market and Be Blessed? Sign-up now!!!

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