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Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Can Learn The Most Valuable Business Skill Today

You Can Learn The Most Valuable Business Skill Today

Finally you can now learn the most important skill of business, even if you don't have a business yet!

The Secret To High Earning Businesses finally revealed. If you ask a carpenter how to become a good carpenter, he'll say "Study Carpentry"

If you ask an architect how to become a good architect, she'll say "Study Architecture"

If you ask a real estate seller how to become a like him, he'll say "Study to become a licensed broker."

But if you ask any of the above - how to increase sales--- the correct answer is just one answer:
"Study Marketing".

No, not selling, marketing.

Selling is learning how to make a single face to face sale. Marketing is the design of the brochure, the script for the sales man, the colors for the website and the words in the email letters and the free offers placed on Facebook for example.

That's the secret to a high earning business. Not skills from school - but real world marketing. It's the first key to starting up and sustaining online incomes.

Problem is, not a lot of people have a good marketing background. What you may have is a selling experience in MLM or insurance or real estate. That's not marketing.

Wouldn't it be great if you can learn marketing at home and during your part time? At an amount that's less than a typical marketing school would charge? And better if it's not text book marketing invented during the 70s but real - works today marketing that included Google Plus or Facebook Ads?

Imagine how quickly you can evaluate how good a business is - just by looking at their store, prices, offers -because you can recognize good marketing when you see one.

You'll never be scammed by "business offers" again - because you'd know the right questions to ask - the marketing questions.

Even Virtual Assistants can benefit from this - because great self marketing skills can get you those high paying clients.

You don't have to fail in another business venture again, wasting all that saved up money - only to see it go down the drain because you didn't figure out how to market your products. I've a student, Marvin- who's business partner argued that "we need more sales" and he said "we need more marketing".

His partner eventually left him and the business closed. So much for being "right" when the sales figures are telling you the truth: "You don't know marketing, hence the sales aren't going up."

But why do people still fail at this?
But aside from partnering with non-believers of marketing, why do other people fail in marketing education when they're starting off?
1. They lack commitment to learn marketing
2. They don't know who to believe in when it comes to marketing
3. They don't know how to separate marketing from selling, much less identify what good marketing is.
4. They're bombarded by too many gurus offering the winning lotto number to "automated marketing" online.
5. Online marketing changes so fast, it's hard to keep up.

How I Overcame it
Well this was the same story I had when I started. BS Computer Science degree, has no formal selling or marketing training. Didn't listen to my mentors in my MLM (networking company) so my sales were very low and everybody left me literally alone in Forever Living (the MLM).

I didn't read marketing books, I was trying to apply Rich Dad Poor Dad concepts practically on my own and was trying to convert the contents of the book One Minute Millionaire into something that can earn me something extra. It didn't work and I've tried for years. All my skill in using the internet wasn't enough. All my skill in programming VMS C and Visual Basic wasn't enough.

This went on for more than 10 years until I chanced upon the Manila based concerts of three of my favorite Christian Music Acts. You know the story, I volunteered to promote them because I loved them. I promoted them while learning how to promote through the inputs of marketing masters from my MP3 player (thought i couldn't afford an Ipod then) all in a span of one month per concert.

Marketing was the magic sauce that converted my ideas into money. Real money. Not an adsense account that you have to wait to reach $ 100 to collect. My first effort got me more than my monthly salary income in as little as 30 days since I began.

But I didn't stop there. A Marketing Guru said once "I purchase a lot of marketing books, some of them I haven't read, I think that staring at them in my little library has made me smarter!"

I believe he's right - counter intuitively, because eventually you will reach out for those books and read some of them. It beats having nothing to read at home - because you said "I'm not buying because I'm not reading today." Someday you will and it's great to have resources at arms length when you do.

Jomar's approach to teaching is really fun ( and funny i may say). There's no boring moment. He's a straight forward kind of guy ( that initially scares me haha ) answering questions directly to the point and will tell you exactly the do's and don'ts.

He will patiently guide you step by step and get through with it successfully. What made an impact to me is his sharing about his dreams and how important dreams are. I know his students have made him as an inspiration to reach for our dreams also.

May God bless you Jomar for being so generous and sharing your knowledge about internet marketing. Thank you so much! I had more than my money's worth =)

Your Commitment to Mastery
Successful people are always committed to mastering whatever it is they do.
You've all heard of Michael Jordan's early excessive free throw exercises, right? The very reason why he's the #1 basketball player now.

But many have not heard of the hard work that Sandara Park did while in Filipino television (a vicious place for a young person if there ever was one) that earned her place in 2NE1 - a top selling Korean Pop group.

How about Kim Yu Na's repeat performance of the very same ice skating routine in multiple yearly competitions until she became world's number one figure skater.

Or the symphonic rock band Skillet's excessive touring that gave them 2 Grammy Nominations plus an MTV Award for Best Christian Album.

These people never stop practicing and learning. They're committed to Mastery and I know you will too.

"For me Jomar delivered what he promised - to clear the air for us who are just getting into internet marketing. There were a lot of light bulb moments for me and most important, it made me realize I could do a lot more than I thought I could the first time. Truly wonderful."

Your Mastery Schedule
Since you're going to commit yourself to Marketing Mastery, check out the schedule that I've put together, a syllabus of learning - month per month in the new "Marketing Master Insider" (online newsletter) I've created for you where you'll learn:

MONTH 1 Great Headline case studies so that you can create attention getting first liners in email, posters, websites.

MONTH 2 Great Email offer case studies so that you'll see how other gurus in different industries build their customer lists online and offline.

MONTH 3 Great Free Products to Give Away case studies so that you'll know what you can offer as a giveaway too

MONTH 4 Great Blog Posts case studies so that you can blog with confidence that you're applying SEO and interestingness at the same time.

MONTH 5 Great Videos case studies so that your videos can get the results that you want. Instant sales or email address. it's up to you.

MONTH 6 Great Social Media Postings case studies so you'll know the ins and outs of doing things right in Social Media

MONTH 7 Great Facebook Page case studies so you can have the designer do the correct page design for you.

MONTH 8 Great Sales Letters case studies so you can be sure that the letter you're writing will attract sales and not just clicks

MONTH 9 Great Presentations case studies so you can brand yourself as an expert online

MONTH 10 Great Images case studies so your online brand is respected and attracts people via search

MONTH 11 Great Website case studies so you can understand the non-negotiable ingredients to a good marketing website

MONTH 12 Great Branding case studies so you can imitate what the best brands are doing online

Every single month you'll receive ONE OR TWO monthly emails reminding you to open up the new marketing lessons.

This will be a link to text, presentations and videos (as appropriate).

Plus you'll get regular reminders (via facebook) that will gently tease you to read them.

Plus you'll be invited to a members only Facebook group -so that you can effortlessly discuss the lessons with other Mastery minded members.

Why facebook? People love going to facebook, so it will be simple for you to discuss things with other members without memorizing another new website, username or password.

Jomar Hilario has opened my eyes to the various resources on the internet that could allow us to earn even in the comforts of our own home. It gave me hope that there are a lot of opportunities online that will allow me to utilize my skills while earning at the same time.

Cancel Anytime
But while you're receiving this if you're not blown away at the quality of the information you're getting - just send an email back with the words "CANCEL" and you can cancel your subscription anytime. No questions asked.

The information you'll be getting will be applications I've learned from at least three Php 80,000+ online marketing groups (each) that I've been privileged to become a member of. Plus all the marketing I've learned from online courses by Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Seth Godin and shelves and shelves of marketing books I've read and re-read.

You don't have to pay the amount I've paid them, I've distilled it all and created an all new set of lessons just to teach you marketing to give you an edge over all start up entrepreneurs.

Here are the prices to get become an Marketing Master Insider:
Monthly: P 1950/month
Full Payment for 12 months :P 19,500 (You get 2 months free)

Save 50% off

Here's a summary of the Marketing Master Insider and all the bonuses

1. You'll get the 20 marketing case studies (samples you can copy) every month for 12 months so that you'll know what to do to market online (and offline). You can imitate these samples. Yes, copy them. Like I do.

2. BONUS: You'll get the 12 month social mentoring club tutorials so that you can get clients from the social media like twitter and facebook. These are click by click tutorials.

3. BONUS: You'll get 12 months of live webinars (1-3 webinars a month) explaining different advanced topics like SEO, Facebook Ads, Google plus and online selling. It's live-online so you can get answers immediately-even if you're in another country. Plus there's a recording too.

All that for only P 9750 (Full payment) or P 975/month (12 months). (This is already 50% off)

4. EVEN MORE BONUSES: There are also other bonuses like 2 recordings of rare interviews with Jomar + the P 1997 Gmail MasteryCourse. One of these recordings, I'm already making available.

All in the all bonuses are worth around P 70,000.

It's easy to join, click the link below (card or paypal) , or pay via bank.

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