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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It’s Christmas time in the Philippine Stock Market!

It’s Christmastime in the Stock Market!

Truly Rich CLub
Let me talk to two kinds of people today.
1. Those who are fully invested in the market.
Meaning: All your money is now in the stock market.

2. Those who aren’t fully invested in the market.
Meaning: A part of your money is still outside the market.

Last June (just two months ago), I wrote this advice below in my Stocks Update. It was an advice to people who had a bigger amount of savings and wish to put it into the stock market. (I also gave this particular issue to all NEW TrulyRichClub members as part of their Start-Up Kit.)

Here’s what I said…
“If your money is smaller than P300,000, I suggest you divide your money into six parts, and invest one part for the next six months.”

“If you have more than P300,000 in your stock market investments, I suggest you divide your money into 12 parts. And invest one part each month for the next 12 months.”

Did people follow my advice?
Some did, some didn’t. How do I know? They told me. One of my friends (let’s call him Rebellious Robby), a member of the TrulyRichClub, said, “Bo, I didn’t follow your advice. I placed ALL my money inside the stock market. Sayang, eh. I’ll earn more if I’m fully invested…”

I said, “Well Robby, that’s your money. It’s up to you.” But this morning, Robby called me up with a very sad voice. He said, “Oh Bo, why didn’t I listen to your advice? All my stocks are down! What causes me pain is the thought that if I just followed your advice—I’d have all this money in the sidelines I could now use to buy cheap stocks!”

Aha. Now he gets it. But that’s human nature. Rebellious Robby is like little Junior. Mommy told 3-year-old Junior not to run down the stairs. But he didn’t listen. He still zipped down the stairs every time like a train wreck. But one day, it happened. 

His little feet missed one step. And he dived down and fell flat on his face. A tooth flew out. (Thank God it’s a temporary tooth.) Junior cried like a fire truck siren.

And that’s when Junior started following the rules. It’s the same thing in the stock market. When you get hurt, that’s when you start following the rules.

Friend, always follow the rules.
No matter how boring it gets!
Let me first talk to my first audience…
If You’re Fully Invested, Forget August Ever Happened Robby said, “Oh Bo, I’m down by 5 percent already!”

“That’s okay. Just hold it. Forget that August ever happened. Remember that this downtrend happened because of the problems in the US. This isn’t our problem. So our stock market will bounce back. Anyway, your investments are long-term. Ten to 20 years.

Am I right?”
“So there’s nothing to worry about.”
“What should I do in the meantime?” Robby asked me.
“What you do every month. You save 20 percent of your salary and put it in the stock market. And hold on tight.”

“Oh, I’m excited to buy. The stocks are so cheap,” he said.

I nodded. “It’s Christmastime in the stock market.” By the end of our conversation, he was a happy man again. If You’re Not Fully Invested, Get Ready to Go Bargain Hunting If you followed my advice and you still have the bulk of your money outside the stock market, then get ready. 

When the chaos is over, and everything starts quieting down—it’ll be time to buy the stocks that are on “sale”.

How long will the stock market be in this downward or sideways movement? My mentor believes it will last for six months. During these six months, continue buying.

What stocks will you buy?
Wait for my next issues of Stocks Update.
Right now, everything is too volatile.
Let’s wait for the calm. That’s when we start buying.

I’ll let you know…
Enjoy your early “Christmastime” in the stock market.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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Need Guidance in Phil Stock Market and Be Blessed? Sign-up now!!!

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