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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Duplicate Yourself to Duplicate Your Income

Duplicate Yourself to Duplicate Your Income

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Why do people not grow?
One of the reasons why you’ve remained stagnant is because you haven’t duplicated yourself. You haven’t followed the Law of Duplication. But duplication is everywhere. Nature is based on duplication.
Just look around you and you’ll find it at work. Once upon a time, there was only Mom and Dad. But they fell in love, walked down the aisle, and they decided to duplicate. So they gave birth to five average children and one exceptional child. (Who is that exceptional child? I won’t say.) And then these six children duplicated themselves too.

So far, my parents have eight lovely grandkids too. God created the Law of Duplication. The Kingdom Prospers Only by Duplication Once upon a time, there was Jesus. Alone. But one day, Jesus went up a mountain, prayed, went down to His followers, and called 12 men to be His apostles. What did Jesus do? 

He duplicated Himself. Each apostle was supposed to be another Jesus in the world. Jesus could have just gone to the various towns of Israel to teach, heal, and drive out demons.

And be a one-man Rambo healing-machine, bringing salvation to the world. But He didn’t do that. Instead, He formed a team. He duplicated Himself to 12 men and asked these men to go around the various towns of Israel to teach, heal, and drive out demons. Later on, the Bible says He called another 72 disciples.

Each disciple was another Jesus.
So instead of 12 duplicates—there were now 72 duplicates of Jesus going around sharing God’s Love to the world. And from what I know, God hasn’t changed His strategy. The Kingdom of God is still totally dependent on duplication.

To this day, Jesus still goes about making duplicates of Himself. You’re one of them. You’re His duplicate. You’re another Jesus in the world.

This is the only strategy of God’s Kingdom. Without duplication, the Kingdom of God goes bust. Let me share some trivia to you. My spiritual family, Light of Jesus, has a simple mission statement today. It consists of two words.

Once upon a time, we had this long, convoluted, multi-paragraph mission statement that no one remembers. But through the years, it got shorter and shorter. After 30 years, we’ve simplified it to two words: Make disciples. But what is making disciples? Duplication. 

The Kingdom of God will flourish not because of Christian magazines, or Christian TV shows, or even prayer meetings like the Feast. The Kingdom will flourish if you decide to duplicate yourself and make another Jesus in this world.

That’s how the Kingdom will prosper.
Ministries Prosper When They Duplicate
That’s why my spiritual family, Light of Jesus, is prospering.

We’re prospering because we’re duplicating.
I preach at the Feast here at the Philippine International Convention Center. But we decided to duplicate. Today, we’ve created 10 Feasts here in Metro Manila. All the Feasts are duplicates of the Feast here in PICC.

What am I saying? Ministries that duplicate prosper. Because duplicating allows us to serve more people. When ministries don’t duplicate, they remain stagnant. Let me now give you my main message for today. The Law of Duplication Works in Your Income Too If you duplicate yourself, you duplicate your income.

It’s very simple. When you duplicate yourself, you increase the number of people you serve. When you increase the number of people you serve, you increase your income. If you don’t duplicate yourself, your income remains stagnant. And even if it does increase, your income only enjoys linear growth.

If you duplicate, your income enjoys exponential growth. Employees Who Duplicate Get Promoted Do you want to be promoted in your job? Duplicate yourself. As an employee, duplicate your output. Duplicate your production. Duplicate the great results you’re getting.

How? Find a way. Use your ingenuity. Use your creativity. As a manager, duplicate yourself by training your staff until they can replace you. Believe in them. Raise them up. Develop them. Make them better than yourself. Some are afraid to do that. “Bo, if I do that, they won’t need me anymore and fire me!” But if your boss is intelligent, the opposite will happen. She’ll recognize your leadership. Because only leaders can duplicate themselves. And leaders rise to the top.

I can hear you now. “But Bo, that’s the problem. My boss isn’t intelligent!”

Remember what I said before? If your present boss won’t recognize you, another person will. Word about your leadership will go around. People will talk about you. And you’ll be promoted, perhaps not in your company now, but in another company. Or in your very own company. A Second Job I’m not a great fan of getting a second job to increase your income, but I need to mention it here. It’s also duplication.

When you go to the States, it’s very common to meet Filipinos who hold two jobs. They work 16 hours a day, not counting travel time to work. My friend does that. She sleeps three to four hours a day just to be able to hold two full time jobs. She drives a brand new BMW. Yes, she earns more because she has duplicated herself by having two jobs. But it’s a weak way of duplicating.

Today, that friend of mine is sick. Her body is caving in.
My advice? This should be a temporary situation.
Move on to a better way of duplicating yourself...
Two Kinds of Income There are basically only two kinds of income in the world:

Active Income and Passive Income.

1. Active Income
How do I define active income?
You exchange your time for money.
A skilled laborer exchanges one day of work for P500.
A manager exchanges one day of work for P5000.
A dentist will pull your tooth for P600.
A heart surgeon will do a bypass for P300,000.

What do they have in common? All of them exchange time for money. When they stop working, they stop earning.

Let me give you an example.
Remember my story of Ate Guy?
Ate Guy is the terrific masseuse of my wife who offers massage and torture at the same time. Lucky for her, there are enough deranged people in the world who want that type of massage. Like my wife, for instance. So Ate Guy is always in demand. She can massage five clients a day—and she usually does. Because of this, she earns P50,000 a month. But let’s say she takes a vacation. Her earnings drop to zero.

And when she gets older, let’s say she doesn’t want to work this hard anymore. Instead of five clients a day, she wants to massage only two people a day. But if she does that, her income will go down a lot. Or what if Ate Guy wants to earn P100,000 a month? She can’t massage 10 people a day. Sure, she can raise her prices, but by only so much.

My point? Active income is limited. The only way to earn more is by switching to passive income. And the only way to do that is by duplicating herself.

First, she can train other women the “Ate Guy Torture Therapy” and form an army of Ate Guy-Trained Torture Therapists—and earn a commission from each of them.

Second, she can create the “Ate Guy Healing Oil” in a bottle, ask other masseuses to sell them.

I repeat: Active income has a limit.
But passive income is virtually limitless.

2. Passive Income
Do you want to prosper? You need to create passive income.
Passive income is the secret of the wealthy. In active income, you exchange your time for money. In passive income, you still exchange time for money.

But you’re no longer exchanging your time—but the time of your duplicate. You exchange your duplicate’s time for money. You can stop working and money still flows into your life.

How to create passive income?
There’s really only one way to do it: You have to duplicate yourself.

And there are only two ways of duplicating…
l Form Teams
l Use Technology
You Form Teams

There’s a Chinese proverb that says:
If you want one year of prosperity, grow seeds.
If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.
If you want a lifetime of prosperity, grow people.
The Kingdom of God is in the business of growing people.
Jesus formed a team of apostles around Him, that’s why the Church still stands after 2000 years. I have a team of preachers around me, and that’s why we have Feasts all over the world.

When you form a team around you, you prosper.
My friend PJ works as an IT professional. Last year, he decided to start a sideline. He started selling pre-selling condos. That was like taking a second job. So that was still active income. But soon after, he hired six of his friends to sell for him.

If they make a sale, he earns a commission. When PJ did that, he crossed the line from active income to passive income. The moment you form a team around you, you switch to passive income. Sell Things Through Teams. If you’re selling products by yourself, that’s still active income. But if you sell through teams, you’ve moved to passive income.

Let me give you an example. When I was a kid, I liked going to this tiny bakery selling Spanish Bread. It was my favorite snack. Butter and sugar inside the soft roll. Yum. The bakery was really a hole in the wall. Very tiny.

But every time I went there, there was this tricycle outside. And she would haul crates of the bread into a tricycle. What did this mean? She was delivering to 30 stores who were selling her Spanish Bread.

What was she doing? Duplication.
If she sold the Spanish Bread all by herself, that was active income. The moment she asked other stores to sell for her, she crossed the line from active income to passive income. The result of duplication was astounding. Four years later, I saw that little store become a four-story building. All built by Spanish Bread.

You Use Technology
A book is a primitive form of technology. When I write a book, I duplicate myself. There are thousands of bookstores all over the country, and I’m in every one. We’re also in radio and TV. The Internet is one of the most powerful ways I duplicate myself. Every Monday, I email my Soulfood newsletter to 100,000+ subscribers. Every day, I email Bible reflections to 40,000+ KerygmaFamily members.

Find a way to duplicate yourself through technology. Who Are the Richest People? The richest people are those who use the two ways of duplication to create their passive income. They form teams and they use technology.

Ask yourself today.
How can you duplicate?
How can you duplicate in your job?
How can you duplicate yourself via a business?
How can you duplicate yourself in your ministry?
How can you create your passive income?

Many Are in Prison
Three days ago, I visited the national prison in Muntinlupa.
It felt so sad.
I felt so much pity for the prisoners.
I noticed the thick walls surrounding the prison. They were 20-feet high, with barbed wire on top. All around, I saw an army of patrolling guards holding high-powered guns around their shoulders.

Why were the walls so high? Why were the guards there? To contain the prisoners. To keep them there. So they won’t go anywhere. But then I realized one thing: People outside are prisoners too. But their prisons aren’t made of stone or steel. Their prisons are prisons of the mind.

Their prisons are made of negative thoughts and wrong beliefs, which prove to be far stronger than stone and steel. I’ve met so many people who are stuck. They say, “This is my lot in life.
I’ll no longer change. I’ll just die here. I’ll remain poor. I’ll be here for the rest of my life.”

People are imprisoned by poverty.
By their low-paying jobs.
By their debts.
By their low-self worth.
Here’s our problem: We think small.
For the longest time, you’ve heard people tell you…
“Be humble. Don’t dream too high.”
“Be content. Don’t aspire for greater things.”
“Be lowly. Don’t seek for a better life.”
Break those prison walls around you!
Shatter them by taking on God’s beliefs for your life.
Because I hear a different message from God.

He says to you, “You’re my child. I’ve given you a powerful gift within you. I’ll multiply your gift so that you can multiply your reach, multiply your influence, and multiply the blessings you give the world.” Indeed, your future is brighter than your past! I believe God wants more for your life.

God wants you to expand.
To become better.
To go higher.
To increase.
To love more.
To serve more.
To prosper so that you can prosper others.
Friend, duplicate.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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