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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Invest In Your Greatest Ally

Invest In Your Greatest Ally

Do you believe in luck? I do. And I also believe in hard work, and doing everything you can to bless the world. Everything else positive that which I cannot explain, I'd like to think it comes from my "greatest ally."

We do make our own luck. And they say, luck comes to the prepared mind. But regardless if you believe in it or not, or however you might want to call it (karma, lucky charm, etc), there's an invisible hand out there conspiring with the universe helping you out so you can bless the world --- it's your "greatest ally". 

Feeling Lucky 

I've always felt blessed. Ever since I was a child, I really felt I was lucky. Once, my Ninang (godmother) bought a raffle ticket from me just so she can help me out in the school fundraising event. I didn't think much of it. And neither did my Ninang. 

But as luck would have it, she won the first prize --- a brand new bike! I got to ride it first when I gave it to her, but ever since then, I have always been very lucky. 

During christmas raffles, I'd almost always win some. It is really weird and it's hard to explain. Even when I went to Malaysia to work as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), I'd often win in raffles in our office events.

I haven't won any BIG ticket items like a round trip ticket out of the country or something like that. But still, winning a bag of grocery or a box of chocolate without really working hard to get it is really something. It is a gift from my greatest ally. 

Feeling even more lucky 

When I graduated from grade school, one of the more challenging obstacles I've had to face is to qualify to a nearby university's Science High School program. It's where the creme of the crop of graduating grade school students all go to. 

In order to get in, you have to pass the Entrance Exam --- a two-fold exam where the first trims down the number of examiners to about a thousand (which I passed, thankfully). And the last is to further trim it down to only around 30 - 40 students. 

I can still remember how excited I was while shading through the answer sheet of the 2nd part of the entrance exam. I lost track of time. Suddenly, I looked up the clock and saw it's only about 5 minutes to go before the time is up. I decided to just randomly shade the answers to the remaining 50+ questions.

I just guessed all of them. I didn't read the questions. I just shaded what felt right. After that, I didn't know if I was going to pass or not...But months after, I got the shock of my life. Not only did I pass --- I topped the entrance exam!

You can just imagine the delight in my eyes and the proud smiles in my parents faces after they heard the good news. I was nursing a chicken pox that time, but I gathered all my strength to go to the university to check out if the news was really true. 

And there it was, I was #1 on the list of those who passed. Little did they know, I just guessed some of the answers. Perhaps the gods must have smiled at me that day. I don't know how it happened, but it did. And it changed my life. 

Attracting Luck and Money 

Why am I sharing these stories to you? It's because making money is sometimes about keeping perspective on the blessings that you've got and not losing hope when the going gets tough.

Many times in your life, you will feel like your hard work is not paying off. You're still poor. You're still struggling. You're still trying to make ends meet. When that happens, don't lose heart. Remember the days when unexpected blessings came into your life. Perhaps your long lost friend called you up all of a sudden and you get the opportunity to catch up. 

Perhaps you lost your wallet and a nice fellow returned it to you all intact. Or maybe you just had a great day at the office because your office mates bought you a cake for your birthday. Remember those days. Your greatest ally is by your side cheering you up.

Other times, you will feel like everything is going your way. You continue to be rich financially. Your businesses are booming. You're becoming well known. When that happens, learn to be humble. Your success is a fruit of your hard work, patience and perseverance. But that's not all. Your success is also a channel through which your greatest ally can bless other people through you.

Remember those days when you struggled to get up. Remember those days when you couldn't make ends meet. And then remember the nice people who gave you kindness to cheer you up. Now that the tables have turned, perhaps, it's time for you to cheer other people up and be that kind person your greatest ally want you to be. 

For everything in this world shall pass. Your riches can pile up to the skies, but you will never be able to bring it with you to heaven.

Giving Back Your Best

I've always wondered why the bible specifically tells about giving back 10% of your income to other people in the form of tithes. It's also interesting to note that when you offer something to God, the good book says you have to give your best --- your first harvest, your best lambs, even your first born son like in the case of Abraham. 

Why in the world would you give back your best? Won't you lose everything else if you give it? Why the best? Why not the second best?

The more I think about it, the more it boggles my mind. It's unorthodox. It's contradictory. And it simply works. When you give your best, you gain more than the person you are giving it to. When you give, you are telling yourself, "there's so much more I can give because life has been good to me." When you give, you are saying, "you matter more than all the best I can ever give". 

When you give your best, you are announcing your existence to the world and making a tribute to your greatest ally. When you give your best, you gain a life well worth living.

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