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Monday, June 6, 2011

How to send money to Philippines using ANB atm account online through Telemoney?

How to send money to Philippines using ANB atm account online through Telemoney?

Being OFW working here in Saudi Arabia. Sending money back home in the Philippines every pay day is my first priority. I had to go at the nearest Telemoney Office early as I can. To avoid long waiting due to many people same as I am who want to send  money. 

If you are far from Telemoney Office and would like to send money immediately but no chances to drop by in Telemoney office. Most of the time my remittances is delay. Until I find out that you can use the internet and your Arab National Bank (ANB) ATM account to send money in the Philippines through Telemoney on your own.

All you have to do is just register your Arab National Bank (ANB) ATM account online. Once you've registration is done. You can now have full access to your Arab National Bank (ANB) account and you can do balance inquiry, make some transaction such as paying your bills, transferring your money to another ANB account, and sending money through Telemoney to the Philippines online. 

Although registration is a little bit hassles due to their security feature but once you've done successfully. Sending money in the Philippines is very easy, fast and you can do it anytime/anywhere as long as you have internet connection. I'm gonna tell and show to you what I'm doing and how to send money. Note, this is applicable only, if you have already existing Arab National Bank account and Telemoney account. 

I'll show and discuss this topic, for information purposes only base on my personal knowledge and limitation of using internet. If you want to try this. Do this for your own risk.

Here's how and what I'll do.
Bring out your ATM card and Iqama for registration.

1.Open your browser then go to the ANB website. Just type the, select anb net and then click go. (see the picture below)

2.If it is you first time to use this site, you have to register first your Arab National Bank (ANB) ATM account online. Click the button to register your account. (see picture below)

3.Fill up the form and then click submit (see picture below). Due to the system security implemented by the Arab National Bank (ANB). I recommended to write down your username and password you're provide in a piece of paper and keep it to a safe place in case you've forgot it. Remember, to avoid your account to be locked, make sure don't do any mistakes, double check your information before clicking submit button and if your first registration attempt was not successful, try again but do it only one time. Or try again another day wait at least 48 hours before you try again to register. Once your account is verified and confirmed it will show on the screen that your registrations is successful. 

4.Next is to register your cell phone number. You have to register also your cell phone number because before you can access your account online totally, there is 4 digit code you have to enter for security reason also. That code will be automatically send on your register cell phone number every time you log in on your account. To register. Go to any ANB ATM booth machine. Insert your ATM card, select other services menu, then select update profile information menu, then change mobile number menu, type in or key in your cell phone number and then select save. See picture below. Although low pixel due to rush taken of this picture, i hope it can help you to visualize.

5.Once you've successfully registered your account and phone number. You can start now and make some transaction. Repeat the number 1. Then, log in using the username and password you provided during registration. For log in verification click continue and wait the 4 digit code to come in your registered cell phone number. (see picture below) Note, if you mistake to log in, three times, your account will be locked. To avoid this, do not try to attempt to log in more than 2 times. 

6.Type in the code you received inside the box and then click confirm. (see picture below)

7.You can now view your account and browse the menu on the left side and make transaction. To send money. Click Telemoney tab on menu, then select remittance. (see picture below) 

8.Select the account number (if you have two or more registered ANB account) on which account will the money come from. Then select beneficiary. Note, this beneficiary are those name you add in the Telemoney Office when you open your account there. To add or remove your beneficiary, you need to go Telemoney office to do this. Then enter the amount in peso you want to send. Then click submit. (see picture below)

9.Double check your detail information and also check your fund if enough. There is also charge, same amount if you go at Telemoney Office to be deducted on your account. If you want to change something just click modify to go back. Otherwise, click confirm to finish your transaction. (See picture below)

10.You can print out your ANB transaction if you want a copy. Make sure you have a printer connected to your computer then click print.

There you have it. This is my simple guide on how to send money online using my Arab National Bank (ANB) account. I always do this during pay day. So that I don't need to go and fall in line in Telemoney Office. It's really helps a lot on me because it easy, fast and also can save my time. If you are asking, is this safe? Yes, it safe since system of ANB and Telemoney that the one you are accessing is same with security feature. The only problem you may be encounter here is when your account is locked due to multiple login error. Maybe you forgot your password or username. To unlocked your account you have to call customer service of Arab National Bank (ANB). Note this is a simple guide only, do it for your own risk.
Happy earnings! It is highly appreciated if you leave your opinion or comment about the topic.

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