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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Change Your Money’s Emotional Association

Change Your Money’s Emotional Association

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As a member of Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez, I'll just share some letter I received from Truly Rich Club in order to give you an idea of what kind of information and inspirational thoughts Truly Rich Club giving to their member from Bo Sanchez. Here it goes.

Change Your Money’s Emotional Association

Every object in this world triggers an emotion in you. Everything has what I call an “emotional association”. For many people, money’s emotional association is this…

“Money = Evil”

If this emotional association is branded in your subconscious, you’ll never get rich. Because we don’t like to be evil. So we’ll reject money like it was the devil itself. Unless you change your emotional beliefs about money, you’ll never become rich. It’s impossible. Here’s the truth: You’ll gravitate towards what you subconsciously want, and avoid what you subconsciously do not want. If you believe that money is evil, you will subconsciously avoid money. Remember the people who criticized me for teaching about money? They’re very few. So I made an informal survey. 

I discovered that 80 percent of them were financially struggling. Why? Because in their minds, they believe a spiritual person shouldn’t be talking about money or focusing on money. So subconsciously, they avoid it. And inwardly, they actually feel more holy because of their financial struggles. I pitied them so much. But the idea that “money is evil” isn’t in the Bible. Instead, let me quote three passages for you to change your emotional association of money.

Create a New Meaning for Money

I’m a father of two fantastic boys. That’s why I understand this next passage. Jesus says, So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him (Matthew 7:11). This is so true! I’m not perfect, but I love to give good gifts to my kids. Instead of “Money = Evil”, burn this new emotional association in your brain…

“Money = God’s Provision”

The Bible says, It is God who gives you the power to create wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). Question: If God thinks that wealth is evil, why would He give us the power to create wealth in the first place? Pretty illogical, right? Create this new emotional association in your brain…

“Money = God’s Power”

When you earn money, you’re using God’s power. When you work, God’s power is working within you. Confess this, “I have the power to create wealth.” Say this Faith Declaration every day! One final passage. The Bible says, The Lord takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servant (Psalms 35:27). Wow. God is happy when He sees you successful. He claps. He sings. He hops. He does the boogie when He sees you blessed. 

I think I know the feeling. I feel the same way with my helpers at home. Last year, despite investing in the stock market, one of my house helpers rebuilt her small house for her family in her distant barrio. My other helper bought a tiny property in her hometown. Gosh, I was so proud for them. Yes, I felt pleasure in their prosperity! And I believe God takes pleasure when we prosper too. So burn this emotional association in your brain…

“Money = God’s Pleasure”

Some people think God wants us to be poor because Jesus was poor. Yes, Jesus was poor. But I believe poverty is a special call He gives to very special people, like celibates in religious orders. But the Bible also says that you need to provide for the needs of your relatives and immediate family, or you’re worse than an unbeliever (1 Timothy 5:8). If you’re like me, you’ll understand what I’ll say next: My heart is big and I have a very big family! Oh, this topic is very close to my heart. Let me tell why…

How I Changed My Belief about Money

Once upon a time, I was a poor missionary. I had very little money. Once, my hair was growing long. People were telling me, “Bo, you need a haircut.” I said, “I want to look groovy.” Actually, I didn’t have money for the barber. One of my joys was eating in a restaurant and reading a book. But many times, before I entered a Jollibee (Yes, there was already a Jollibee then. I’m not that old!), I had to first count the coins in my pocket.

Many times, I had to turn around—because I couldn’t afford even one burger. I couldn’t even buy the things I needed for my preaching.

For example, I couldn’t afford books. I would go to a bookstore, read a book, return it, go home, and go back the next day to continue reading it. If the sales lady or the security guard looks at me in a funny way, I’d just go to another branch. But all that was nothing. What was most painful to me was my inability to help the people I wanted to help…

“Why Don’t I Become Rich?”

I remember a friend who called me in the middle of the night. He said, “Please pray for my baby, Bo. She can’t breathe. We’re in the emergency room of a hospital now. They’re asking for a deposit, but we don’t have money.” I realized they weren’t just asking for prayers. They were asking for money. But I didn’t have any! So I called up a friend who I knew was rich. But no one was answering the phone. (It was 2am.) I tried another friend. 

As I dialed, I remembered he was abroad. I called up a third person. And a fourth person. And a fifth person. All night, I was trying to call up my rich friends. And then it hit me, “Why don’t I become rich myself?” And little by little, the wrong emotional link of money was replaced by new emotional links. I began to see money as God’s provision, God’s power, and God’s pleasure. 

Soon, I was praying a new prayer: “Lord, prosper me so that I can prosper others.”

Prosper Your Mind

I don’t know what you’re financial condition is now. You may be in debt. You may be in a financial famine. You may be without a job or stuck in a low-paying job. You may be where I was 12 years ago—wanting to help people but not having enough to help.

Friend, here’s my message to you: There’s hope. Prosper your mind and you prosper your money. The reason why many people don’t prosper is because their wrong beliefs prevent them from prospering.

Here are five beliefs necessary for wealth:

1. You need to believe that God has left the decision to you to be rich or to be poor. He will respect your decision.
2. You need to believe that you can serve God with your wealth.
3. You need to believe that money is good if it’s in a good person’s hands. Will you be that good person?
4. You need to believe that you have the ability to be rich.
5. You need to believe that you deserve to be rich.

You Don’t Have to Be Poor
Friend, there is hope for you.
You don’t have to be poor.
You don’t have to be buried in debt.
You don’t have to suffer financial struggles.
You can be financially free.
Change your beliefs. Prosper your mind so you can prosper your money.

May your dreams come true, 
Bo Sanchez

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